The Shaping Brains 'Parent Program'

The Department for Education releases primary league tables each year, and too many children are struggling to read and write to the expected level. Even in the well performing schools 1 in 10 children is not thriving.

One solutions based approach is to empower parents; this can mean teaching parents to read and spell, as well as teaching them to teach their children at home.  We are seeking funding to offer The Shaping Brains 'Parent Program' which would be additional to the school curriculum and not part of the core offer the school receive funding for; and the aim is to involve the community (develop a village!) Please note that 'parent' is a term that can refer to anyone caring for children.   

We would start the program at schools who could really do with some extra support; these groups are to make the lives of teachers easier, as they often face challenges the higher performing schools may not face. Numerous factors are involved, these percentages only show one part of a bigger picture. So the program will be to complement what is happening at the school, by helping parents with their own reading and spelling skills as well as showing them how to help their child reach the stage of 'orthographic mapping' as quickly and easily as possible. A 'speech to print' approach will be taken.
The program will also help parents to prepare younger siblings for school, as an early intervention for dyslexia and other reading and spelling related difficulties. The plan is also to research the effect of the program within the wider community.   


End of 2018 (Dorset)

We will use this government web site to compare school performance, and work out who might want our help first!

The program will target parents and carers, and continue to expand with the help of trained volunteers.