Free support in Ferndown (and the wider Dorset area) for anyone wanting to improve their reading and spelling skills. 

'Miss Emma' will evaluate your phonemic awareness and orthographic mapping skills, as these are the skills needed to read with fluency and comprehension, and to know how to spell English words without memorising them as whole words! (that's hard work) 
She will then tell you what to do next, at home, to 'shape' your brain for literacy.
If there are available slots you can keep coming back for free tutoring! We prioritise new visitors however, so they don't have to wait to get started on their personal learning journey; finally reading and spelling with confidence! 
Miss Emma has Qualified Teacher Status in the UK, has a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs and is undertaking a Doctorate (researching early literacy intervention)
She LOVES helping people to read, write and spell. You will help her to help teachers learn how to meet the needs of all learners, as the sessions videoed (your hands only)

Ask about booking a session!

Due to the large number of enquiries we receive we are unable to call you (or take calls) so please do complete the form, and book your 40 minute slot !

As we continue throughout the year we would LOVE to train volunteers to help as many in the Dorset are learn to read and spell. Could that be you? You don't need to be a teacher; just love to read:-) Please fill in the form and get in touch.